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SFC is a premier fencing center dedicated to serving all levels of fencers, from beginners to advanced students of the sport, as they train and strive to excel athletically and personally. At SFC, we believe that fencing is for everyone. Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for people of every age, race, gender, and background to excel in the sport of fencing and become the best version of themselves – on and off the strip.

Fencing is a sport that engages the whole person, body and mind. It develops physical condition, improving endurance, flexibility, agility, and strength. It also improves mental fitness, teaching discipline, self- confidence, awareness, and judgment. As an athletic pursuit, fencing offers life-changing benefits that promote health, happiness, and connection with the community. In addition, the majority of the best universities in the US have fencing programs and strong, accomplished fencers can be accepted as an athlete for the college team and some colleges offer scholarships. SFC head coach Achiko is the saber coach for Yale University fencing team and his student have been placed at – Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Princeton, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, UC San Diego, Penn State, and the University of North Carolina.

Train With World-Class Fencing Coaches

Our world-class coaching staff is known for their passion and commitment to the sport as well as their proven ability to work with students of all skill levels.

SFC’s Master Head Coach and co-founder is Archil Lortkepanidze (aka “Achiko“) a former Olympian with over 25 years of coaching experience. Our Elite Saber Coach is Maksim Lohotska, a national and Olympic coach and world-renowned saber referee. Achiko and Maxim have been recognized nationally and internationally, training and coaching fencers from youth-beginners to competitive fencers who have won numerous medal at regional, national and international competitions, have been members of the national team and received top college placements.


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Led by our vision of “Advance in Excellence” we are dedicated to providing a first-class environment for our members, whether they are new to the sport or are experienced fencers. Along with world-class coaching, we offer state-of- the-art facilities and amenities that allow our members to train in the best possible conditions so they can achieve their personal best. Located in Scarsdale, Westechters County, SFC used latest technology in
fencing floor design provided by Radical Fencing. It uses a specially designed grounded flooring system that maximizes shock absorption while providing a strong, tactile playing surface with flush mount of metal fencing strip and reels. SC members will enjoy benefits of our collaborative program with Fencers Club, which includes access to FC’s facilities, bouting and camps.

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